Scalpel vs Medication
Common Dilemmas in Exotic Mammal Medicine

Rats problems

* Mammary glands disorders - therapy or surgery
* Otitis and zymbal gland - therapy or surgery
* Pododermatitis - therapy or surgery

Live Webinar + Q & A session

30th of July, 7:00pm

Speaker: Polina Maratkanova DVM, Master Degree in Exotic and Wild Animals  (“Vetathome” Stockholm, Sweden)

All lectures in English

  • The course will consist of 5 separate lectures.
  • Each around 90 minutes long.
  • Designed and dedicated to practitioners who may encounter common health issues in popular exotic mammal species.
  • Each episode will focus on different practical dilemmas between invasive surgical procedures or conventional treatments and aim to break down and brainstorm these crucial decisions.
  • The third webinar of the series is „Rats Problems” -> Live presentation + Q&A session on July 30th, 7:00 pm with Polina Maratkanova on ZOOM Platform. Recording available from July 31st, 7:00 pm on
  • During the online training „Rats problems” we will discuss ones of the most popular disorders in rats, which can sometimes mimicry or develop to the ontological processes.
  • What kind of chemotherapy suitable for rats mammary gland tumors? What’s the way of treatment in zymbal gland neoplasia?
  • Therapeutical or surgical treatment in rats with pododermatitis?
  • And many other questions in this webinar!


Maratkanova Polina

Leg. veterinarian, «Vetathome», Stockholm;
Master degree in Exotic Pet and Wild Animals (UCM, Madrid) with more than 17 years of experience.
International lecturer, author of articles/books on exotic animals.

Specialization: exotic animals (rabbits, rodents, ferrets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders,
racoons, primates, reptiles and ornamental birds).
Field of interests: exotic animals oncology (including chemotherapy and
radiotherapy), internal medicine (including critical care), anaesthesia, soft tissue
surgery, dentistry, X-ray and CT.

Over 17 years of practice, she has completed a large number of training programs
and advanced training courses in the treatment of exotic animals, ultrasound,
radiology and anaesthesiology from world experts: Peter Fisher (USA), F. Harcourt-
Brown (Great Britain), Brian Spear (USA), David Williams (Great Britain), Marty Chu
(Taiwan), Charles Pignon (France), Kevin Eatwell (Great Britain).

She takes an active part as a lecturer in scientific and practical conferences and
webinars with reports on exotic animals in Europe, Asia and USA. Regularly attends
advanced training courses, veterinary congresses and conferences.
One of the few veterinarians in the world who has successful experience in the use of
radiation and photodynamic therapy in different species of exotic animals.

Interests: traveling, sport, reading books, spending time with my kids.